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Office 2010 Toolkit and EZ-Activator 2.3 Beta 9 - активатор office 2010 (2011/ENG)

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Название: Office 2010 Toolkit and EZ-Activator 2.3 Beta 9 - активатор office 2010 (2011/ENG)
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Office 2010 Toolkit and EZ-Activator 2.3 Beta 9 - активатор office 2010 (2011/ENG)

Office Tooling of 2010 and the EZ-activator is a universal and simple activator Office 2010. Includes a tooling for management of licenses and activation. As it is possible to activate what that one component Office 2010. The Office 2010 works with all versions. The EZ-activator can use KM/SEK-ACTIVATION even if you use Retail the license. The activator collects the information on a condition of your licensing Office 2010 to provide the best method of activation. In case of occurrence of an error of activation the EZ-activator can automatically try to make possible corrections or to cancel all changes in a case of full refusal.

- Office information of 2010:
The condition if on the computer the Office 2010 32-bit (x86), 64-digit (x64) or 32-uh bit Office working on a 64-digit operating system is established is underlined.

- Office Neinstalljator:
The scenario which will delete is started and will accurately remove Microsoft Office. It is supported Microsoft Office 2010 and earlier versions.

Some functions:
• Office activation 2010 (Using KM/S)
• transformation Sell at retail in Volumе the License (VL)
• Test counter zeroing
• addition of a working key
• check of a key of a product
• viewing of a condition of activation
• reserve license copyings
• Office removal

For activation it is necessary to press the button - "EZ-activator" and to wait messages that activation has passed successfully.

Changes Office Tooling per 2010 and the EZ-activator 2.3
- The added function to load and unite all updatings in Adjusts Installation
- Motionless problems of detection of a product in Adjust Installation

- The added Difficult situation of Permissions restoring and the Improved Office Re-equips the Checkered Indicator of success
- The added Updating of the Program Checks Start
- The added support of Office International Organization on Standardization UDF
- The added Functions directly to Check up And show Keys in DigitalProductID.
- Channel change does entering of corrections through the code instead of using xdelta3.exe and shouldnu0027t write sites to a disk any more
- Adjust Installation, damages the button of change of options of the channel, if setup.exe not from Office 2010, thus, you can use it to unite Office Updatings/languages of 2007.
- The expanded check on errors / messages on refusal KMSEmulator.
- Establish Activation MAK the count always suffering failure
- Restoration of a difficult situation of the Telephone Activation, coming to an end grace
- The established Planned Problems which are not running as SYSTEM
- ИЗОДРОМНЫЕ With KM/S FORESTALLING are established before the beginning instead of editing memory of process, using manual Activation
- Preliminary Windows 8 Key Decodings
- Remote variants and unnecessary difficult situations from the EZ-activator
- Those planned problems

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