3D Sex Villa 2

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Название: 3D Sex Villa 2
Категория: Игры » Для компа
Просмотров: 980
Тип использование и скачивания: Бесплатный если с Файлообменников.
Добавлен: 17-04-2012, 10:29
Автор: fakel
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3D Sex Villa 2

3D Sex 2 country house - the second part of a stimulator of sex with the last updates. Actions of game occur as the real porno the film, here only this action you operate. Now it is possible to change the poses, so now absolutely new game editor. It is also possible to change faces. In a word, everything occurs not as in game, and practically in real life.

The made changes in assembly (24.01.2012):
1. Game was updated till 2.11
2. The new branch of game - Hustler3D is added
3. Transfer of an old content
2. Added still things

Fashions DANDY of the CARRIER ROCKET V 0.1
- The added contents from V117.
- The manu0027s equipment of a stripper can be used by all floors.
- The included new countries, Bio from V120.
- Unlocked all VJ2 models and voices.
- Not closed second player for Men (GayVilla).
- Not closed Nuclear titmouses and pregnant clothes (removed In, the titmouses warning).
- Not closed pregnant toddler for Transsexuals and Men.
- Unlocked sunbathe the line for Transsexuals below.
- Unlocked all hairdresses for Men.
- Not closed chains of dummies for Men.
- A little increased member (see the note).
- The changed size of a body so thinner model can be made.
- The added symbol of dumping for each toddler of a body.
- Stockings, body stockings, stockings can be used together and with all floors.
- Inertia of a sphere for Transsexuals.
- Any compulsory equipment with rooms.
- The adapted size of the member by default for men.
- All preference of models of women is established in a pornostar.
- The remote references SV2 in a screenshot.

Attention: the fitter creates a new directory, the old version of game wonu0027t suffer. For correct work the user name (windows) should be in English, what Cyrillic ways to a directory of installation shouldnu0027t be (a jamb of developers)

Information on Game
Full name of game: 3D Sex 2 country house
Toy genres: Sex simulator
Game was let out: 2011
Game developed: Thrixxx
Censorship: No
Edition type: перепаковать
Interface language at game: ENG / GERMAN
Postscoring language: ENG / GERMAN
Tablet: Already вшита
Platform: PC
Size of the file: 1.76 GB

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